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tocario certified as mspStack Solution Vendor

mspStack adds Desktop-as-a-Service Solution tocario trueDaaS to its cloud services offering

Landau/Stuttgart, March 10, 2016 – tocario has completed the mspStack Technology Partner Program and is now an integral part of the mspFlexx Service Catalog, the Cloud Services program for the mspStack platform. With tocario trueDaaS, mspStack adds yet another cutting edge technology to its Cloud Desktop Services solutions.

“We are convinced that the global technology partnership with tocario, an innovative German cloud workspace infrastructure company and price-value leader, will add a lot of value to our customers. We are proud to provide such a comprehensive catalog of out-of-the-box-services comprising established solutions by international vendors ” says Karl-Martin Haaf, Managing Director of channelXperts, the mspStack representatives for the DACH region. “Consistency and quality is of paramount importance for our mspFlexx Cloud Services Catalog. We will continue to broaden and expand our cloud service offering to make sure that our customers, the Managed Services providers, can respond to the needs of their customers quickly and easily,” adds Ric Lindstrom, president of mspStack, Inc.

After certification by mspStack, the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution tocario trueDaaS has now been integrated into mspFlexx. tocario trueDaaS delivers virtual desktop workstations complete with operating system, applications and data from the cloud. The trueDaaS technology enables fast rollouts, regardless of the size of the IT environment. tocario operates with the highest level of automation possible without restricting individual settings, and is so easy to manage that no specialized administrator knowledge is required. By integrating tocario trueDaaS into mspEngine, the white-label portal for MSPs that is part of the mspStack offering, tocario goes one step further: its cloud desktops can now be directly ordered online and will be delivered and invoiced in a fully automated way.

Carsten Unnerstall, CEO tocario GmbH: „With tocario trueDaaS, mspStack has integrated a platform technology that perfectly complements the innovative mspStack solution. As technology provider, we are pleased to have found such a pioneering partner. We look forward to joint customer projects offering innovative cloud solutions.”

Partnering with tocario underlines the consistent implementation of the mspStack strategy: to provide its customers with an attractive and broad selection of cloud services. mspStack integrates well established products as well as innovative solutions and thus supports not only IT service providers transitioning to MSP, but also addresses the needs of existing MSPs looking to expand their services and streamline their existing product portfolio by adding new and more cost-effective solutions.


Originally posted by channelXperts GmbH Martina Oerther Ostbahnstr. 17 D-76829 Landau Tel.: + 49 6341 / 994 970 martina.oerther@channelxperts.com

About mspStack, Inc.: Based on proven methodology and best practices, mspStack supports telcos and IT services providers as they transition to next-generation Managed Services Providers (MSPs). In addition, mspStack offers a flexible, white-labelled, out of the box solution that enables service and solution providers to deliver scalable cloud services to their customers. This stack for MSPs consists of three components: mspEngine, mspFlexx, and mspCubes. mspEngine is a white-labelled software solution to enable automated provisioning and billing of cloud services. mspFlexx is a growing, full-service offering that integrates cloud services from marketleading providers with your services and support offerings. mspCubes comprises modular, scalable, converged data center hardware that allows you to offer your own private cloud infrastructure services. Through the mspStack Certified program, mspStack ensures the consistency and quality of the mspFlexx service catalog by certifying partners such as Microsoft, VMware, Supermicro, tocario and many more before adding them to the solution stack. mspStack Inc. was founded in 2015 by a team of international IT- and telco-executives. More information: www.mspStack.com

About channelXperts: channelXperts specializes in developing and running successful partner programs for high-tech companies who want to expand into new regional or vertical markets through indirect sales channels. With decades of experience in channel management, channelXperts not only help their customers to develop and implement new channel strategies and sophisticated partner programs; they also put them into operation when necessary. They take over the entire sales channel development: finding distribution partners around the world, taking care of the day-to-day partner management, successfully onboarding and establishing new sales partners. channelXperts also provides the cloud-based solution, Channelplace, which enables easy and efficient collaboration with the entire channel network of an enterprise through a single, central platform ChannelXperts customers include leading high-tech companies such as Arellia, Beta Systems Software AG, Citizen Systems Europe GmbH, inContact, LANDESK, mspStack or TONBELLER AG. More information: www.channelxperts.com

About tocario: tocario is a technology provider specializing in cloud workspace infrastructure for Data Centers to offer modern and competitive workplace concepts. trueDaaS is a Desktop-as-a-Service technology, which particularly addresses the challenges of service providers. The patented technology not only reduces significantly license and administration costs, but also enables the addressing of new market segments with virtual desktops from the cloud. Under the slogan “Simplifying workspaces” tocario partners internationally with companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp and Konica Minolta

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How do Cloud Workspace Technologies Compare?

In a special March edition, the iX extra magazine from Heise.de conducted a comparison of tocario trueDaaS  versus other cloud workspace technologies. The fast changing workplace environment is now more flexible than ever with new developments in cloud computing. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) gives not only the end-user workspace freedom but also reduces the TCO cost on local hardware. Adding a cloud workspace solution has helped Service Providers and Enterprises better support the needs of customers while adding value through ease of administration. 

Compared to the biggest names in workspace technology, like Citrix and VMware, tocario trueDaaS has opened the market to new opportunities with an independent x86 operating system. This means that any x86 OS, including legacy systems, can now be accessible from the cloud and used on any connected device. 

See how tocario trueDaaS compares to the competition and helps Service providers increase their market offering (German). iX Cloud Computing March 2016

Find out more about how tocario trueDaaS can benefit your business: https://www.tocario.com/info/

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Workspace Freedom – Directly from the browser


tocario, a company that develops end to end cloud desktop infrastructure technology for Service Providers, hits another milestone. After entering public Beta with selected partners, tocario has helped make their cloud desktops software even more flexible by making their hosted trueDaaS infrastructure accessible directly via the web. trueDaaS is now clientless, leveraging HTML5 and is now available to the public. Now partners have a fast, secure and easier than ever solution to deploy cloud workspaces. Built with independent x86 OS infrastructure, trueDaaS can run Windows, Linux, or even legacy operating systems, making it the world’s most flexible cloud workspace technology. tocario’s partners are now able to deliver their customers a truly unique and flexible workspace experience.

What’s new with trueDaaS HTML5 access:

  • New design with improved look and feel
  • Improved for mobile device functionality
  • Better key-mappings with switchable keyboard layouts
  • Easier Desktop sharing and collaboration
    • Share a desktop session by sending a link
    • Generate different links for view/control rights
    • Interact with other people on the same desktop (collaboration, support, trainings, etc)

Never be stuck without access

No software client download required and yet still available at your customers fingertips. Customers can use their tablet or mobile device to interact with any software worry free.

Jump across Operating Systems

Maybe your customers require Windows for some tasks and Linux for others. They can simply spin up new workspace across OS as needed.

Collaborate like never before with a simple link

Does your customer need tech support or want to give another participant access to their cloud hosted desktop? They can simply send a link to collaborate and interact. Never before has collaboration across devices and Operating Systems been this easy!

tocario’s trueDaaS technology changed the game with it’s independent x86 OS infrastructure. trueDaaS HTML5 now opens up the mobile workspace landscape like never before. Service providers can now support their customer needs while reducing local costs by extending the reach of the cloud workspace. Our customer’s and license partners have already enjoyed the benefits in our private beta , so why aren’t you?

Try out the most flexible cloud workspace technology for yourself with a Free 10 day Pro version Demo.

Contact us and find out how trueDaaS can extend your cloud to new heights.

Learn more at www.tocario.com 

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3 ways your startup can work with larger companies

building-374442_1280When building a company that services much larger organizations, the pressure can be scary. Starting a small company that creates technology in the B2B space is both exciting and at times overwhelming. Everyday choices on how to give great service to the business customers, while continuing to develop the product and not over extend our resources is a daunting task. These are 3 ways your startup can work with larger companies.

Focus on our niche
Instead of trying to create a larger much better feature packed product than what is currently on the market, try choosing to focus on areas that are of importance to the end-user but not serviced properly by competitors. tocario’s ultimate goal is to make access to work software more fluid and efficient. We do this by creating cloud workspace technology that doesn’t limit the user to their one device or OS. What offer service providers is a fresh view on the way they give their customers access to workplace software by adding to their current portfolio of offerings.

Follow the A.B.C. rule
As in the film Glenngarry Glen Ross, “Always be closing.” In the early stages of a company you must stay persistent in getting new client revenues but should also know when to cut your losses and move on. Traditionally, large organizations have long approval periods for new contracts. When you are still small, time is your enemy and speed is your friend. Focus on contracts and agreements that will help you reach critical mass in recurring revenues as fast as possible. This may change the targets of your sales team or you may have to actually say no to potential business if their process is too slow. Once you have closed enough contracts with recurring revenues, you still have the option to go back and look at that other potential business. At this point you should have clients and testimonials which will make it easier to gain trust and reduce future closing periods.

Never over promise
Reputation is everything in business. If you promise something make sure that you can over deliver. Making sure that you can not only meet demand but exceed expectation will make sure that your customers will continue coming back for more business. Sometimes there will be temptation to accept all business that comes your way. Unless you have infinite scaling capabilities (which you don’t), I recommend keeping a high focus on customer service. As the saying goes “happy wife, happy life” the business equivalent would be “happy customer, happy business.”

Working with large companies can be tricky. Finding your niche, learning how to recognize good business opportunities and over delivering on your promises your business will thrive. Stay patient and true to your mission, the rest will develop itself over time.

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How to protect your business after Safe Harbor elimination


Today was a bad day for privacy legislation. Europe’s highest court ruled on Tuesday, that Safe Harbor, a widely used international privacy regulation agreement between the European Union and the United States is invalid. With so many companies integrated with American technology companies, who process personal data through their systems, many are rushing to comply with the new rules. Smaller SMB’s are hit hardest by these new regulations as their ability to change technological usage practices, especially in the cloud, give them limited opportunities.

The Data Protection Report has given a list of guidelines on how to comply with these changes such as:

  • B2B providers storing data in the cloud

Consider moving cloud storage to the EEA. Consider shifting to a cloud provider that accepts model clauses (many now do). Consider updating agreements with subcontractors to include robust audit requirements, relying on the changes in the legal requirements as justification. Many contracts envision negotiating changes that are necessary to comply with changes in legal requirements.

  • Global companies that manages HR in the US

For managing HR data, model clauses probably make the most sense, because the parties (entities under common control in Europe and US) do not engage in arm’s-length transactions and thus are unlikely to enforce the more onerous model clause provisions against each other.
You can find the full list here: http://www.dataprotectionreport.com/2015/10/day-after-safe-harbor-action-plan-anticipating-ecj-schrems-decision/

At tocario we have built our cloud workspace technology from the ground up. Our deskMate cloud workspace and trueDaaS cloud workspace infrastructure technology were built with security and freedom in mind. Since the 2014, service providers working with tocario technologies have enjoyed the ability to choose data center and the ease of complete environment transfers. Customer’s should be able to control where and how their data is stored.

Starting today, tocario will be offering the new deskMate cloud workspace for free for 10 days! Keeping your data in Europe, as it should be. Try it now www.GetdeskMate.com

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Welcome the new tocarian!

profile pic business

This month we have a long overdue post about our newest addition to the tocario team. John Stewart III is an entrepreneur is his own right and will be heading up Business Development. Being American and having international experience will add new insights to the internal and external workings at tocario. We look forward to his fresh take on the cloud workspace and tocario’s next innovations.

Welcome to the team and let’s keep it rocking!

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5 tips on working with external teams

Many companies will at some point have to work with external teams, whether that is clients, partners, freelancers or external consultants. Usually this means emails being sent back and forth or missing updates. When the project is over it requires capturing all files and documents then restricting previous access from the external people.

Though collaboration is great it can become stressful and leave holes in your security. When collaborating in the cloud this allows for a secure alternative to traditional methods. Using a Cloud hosted workspace like deskMate allows for them to work from many different mediums including mobile devices. Their work is backed up and always accessible. When the project ends, controlling the data is as simple as reassigning the user in the administration panel.

Set Goals and Standards

To work effectively you need to provide the criteria which defines the project. This means getting clear on on your needs and the problem you are looking to address. Doing this also allows you to pretest freelancers and consultants before the start of the project. See if they understand the issue to be solved and how the plan to approach them while working externally. This will give you amazing insight into how they plan to work.

Choose easy to use collaboration technology

Without technology your external workers cannot connect externally or while on the go. Having common tools is important to a smooth working environment.

  • Uberconference: The easiest way to have a conference on whatever device is used, including calling in from a phone.
  • deskMate: Cloud hosted desktops that allow auto backup, collaboration sharing, simple administration and access to desktops from any connected HTML5 supported device.
  • Slack: The best way to communicate internally with teams

Give them an FAQ

Create a quick guide that they can refer to if they get stuck. This should include things like where certain information is kept, who to ask what question and what channel are used for communications. Make it as simple and easy as possible to understand.

Communicate frequently

When working with external employees communicating is key to success. There needs to be open and often communication to reduce mistakes and keep up on project schedules. This does not mean you should micro manage because you should trust who you work with.
Use these 5 insights to extend your business beyond the office.

If you would like to start a free trial of cloud workspaces you can do so here: http://bit.ly/1KCa5M0

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Why now is the time to start with DaaS


With the increasingly mobile workforce and wide range of devices, IT departments are looking for ways to keep up. Providing access to the systems people need when they need them can be very complex. Cloud hosted workspace solutions such as deskMate offer an easy cost effective way that Smb’s can now offer their workers internally and externally. The time is finally perfect for DaaS to become a smooth part of your business. Here are four reasons now is better than ever to add flexibility to your business IT infrastructure.

Connections are everywhere!

Whether in a cafe, hotel, airport terminal, or even in the air, there is probably a Wifi connection. These last years has seen exponential growth in the availability and speed of internet connections. With companies like Google even experimenting with connecting entire neighbourhoods in New York City, it is very hard in the western world to be unable to connect online. Laptops and Chromebooks alike now include connection chips built into the hardware.

The price is right

As with any new technology the first implementations are bulky and still quite expensive. In the past there were only a few market leaders to choose between and this lead to an increased price point. This left only other large organizations, who had the budget with the ability to integrate a cloud workspace solution into their business. Since VDI was also too expensive, many SMB’s were left with fragmented or ageing IT infrastructure solutions. Now, there are new entries that offer end to end technology which dramatically reduce cost of entry into a cloud workspace infrastructure.

The vertical solutions are there

Since cloud hosted workspaces are becoming more commonplace, the customization of vertical solutions makes allows businesses to find the perfect solutions for them. Finance, manufacturing and IT development are now able to use solutions crafted with them in mind. No more one size fits all. deskMate for example can integrate with any x86 compatible architecture. This means not only can you run Windows but your business is no longer constrained only to Windows compatible solutions.

Never lose data

Spilling coffee or dropping the laptop leaves risk for losing valuable data. Now this never has to become a worry point again because cloud workspaces are automatically backed up. This means you can stop working randomly and pickup work from another computer elsewhere.

All of these things considered it doesn’t mean that cloud workspaces are for everyone. Small businesses that don’t need a mobile solution or are fine with their current IT infrastructure shouldn’t change what works for them. These small businesses should conduct a cost analysis of how much they spend per year for new PCs, server upgrades, IT administration salaries, and support cost. Even if the company doesn’t seem to have high overhead internally, usually someone spends valuable hours per week fixing computer hiccups. Having cloud workspaces allows for the provider to manage the uptime and make sure all data is backed up. 

Try your free trial- http://bit.ly/1KCa5M0 

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How to choose the right cloud technology for your business?


With so many cloud technologies out in the world today, it can be scary when trying to choose which is the right one for your business. There are both big and small players in the market with a wide range of price vs features. It can be difficult to differentiate the good technologies from the bad. Below we have detailed ways in which you can decide what will work best for you.

1. Does the solution meet regulatory compliances?

Small and large enterprises alike are responsible for keeping their data safe. When transitioning to the cloud, make sure that your provider is willing to undergo audits. Any good supplier will meet most industry standard compliances such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, etc. If they cannot provide this documentation then it is best to continue looking for a partner.

2. Where are their data centers located?

The location of a cloud provider’s data center is important. Most will be transparent about the location on their website. If they do not provide location details, make sure to ask for  commitment to specific privacy requirement and proof of their data center location.

3. How will the data be separately contained from other businesses?

Many public clouds are shared environments. Understanding the architecture is crucial to guaranteeing complete data segregation for true multi-tenancy. For example, Service providers using deskMate’s cloud hosted workspaces offer secure multi-tenant infrastructures. This guarantee of security can be passed on to their customers.

4. Does the cloud provider offer a disaster recovery plan?

Ensure that your cloud hosting provider offers the ability to do a complete data restoration as part of their security guarantee. Disasters do happen, even to the most prepared. Any good provider will be able to provide a plan of action for data recovery in case of a crisis.

5. What is their service level agreement for uptime?

Make sure to ask what uptime targets does the provider expect to meet (99.99% is optimal). Less than 5 hours of downtime per year is the benchmark of the very top providers. If expected uptime targets are not met, what happens as it should be defined in the service level agreement.

Using these 5 steps should help in defining which cloud service providers are right for your business. Make sure your business has defined the compliances, disaster recovery and security that will help your business grow. Having a provider who’s purely focused  keeping data safe and online will allow your business to focus on creating profits than committing extra resources doing the same task.  



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